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Differential Mobilities

Differential Mobilities: Movement and Mediation in Networked Societies

Pan-American Mobilities Network
May 8-11, 2013

From May 8-11, 2013 the Mobile Media Lab in the Communication Studies department of Concordia University in Montreal will be hosting an international conference sponsored by the Pan-American Mobilities Network in collaboration with the European Cosmobilities Network.

Mobilities has become an important framework for understanding and analyzing contemporary social, spatial, economic and political practices. Mobilities research is interdisciplinary, focusing on the systematic movement of people, goods and information that “travel” around the world at speeds that are greater than before, creating distinct patterns, flows– and blockages. Mobilities research contributes to the study of these technological, social and cultural developments from a critical perspective. The theme of this year’s conference is “Differential Mobilities: Movement and Mediation in Networked Societies”. The term ‘differential mobilities’ has been deployed to describe dynamics of power within networked societies. When we conceptualize movement, mobility, or flows within spaces and places, we need to account for the systemic differences within infrastructures and terrains that create uneven forms of access. ‘Differential mobilities’, conceptually, highlights how exclusions occur, creating striations of power. It draws attention to differences in how these inequalities are experienced, the strategies for resistance, and the processes of mediation that have been implemented to instigate change.

Disciplines represented at the conference may include (but are not exclusive to): Anthropology, Architecture and Design, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Communication, Criminology, Cultural Studies, Geography, Media, Sound and Visual Arts, Politics and International Relations, Public Policy, Sociology, Theatre and Performance Studies, Tourism Research, Transport Research, and Urban Studies.

Confirmed keynote and plenary speakers:

  • Darin Barney (McGill University, Montreal, Quebec)
  • Gisele Beiguelman (University of São Paulo, Brazil)
  • Micha Cárdenas (University of San Diego, California)
  • Vera Chouinard (McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario)
  • Gerard Goggin (University of Sydney, Australia)
  • Ole B. Jensen (Aalborg University, Denmark)
  • Jason E. Lewis and Skawennati Fragnito (Concordia University,Montreal, Quebec)
  • Danielle Peers and Lindsay Eales (University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta)

22-23 FEBRUARY 2013

Director of Virtual Daylighting, Kim Sawchuk presented at:

3rd Seminar of the SYNCRETIC TRANSCODINGS Series

Salle polyvalente, Cœur des sciences, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
Sherbrooke Building 200 Sherbrooke West room SH-4800
CivicBright, the third edition of Hexagram | CIAM’s SYNCRETIC TRANSCODINGS international seminar series, will reflect on urban creativity. It is presented in association with the Lumières de la ville symposium, organised by the 5th Toronto/Montreal/Lille Biennial.

Listening to Lost Rivers
Lost Rivers is an application for mobile devices that geo-locates historical images as well as audio-visual material that brings to the “surface” the rivers that traverse the Island of Montreal. The project touches upon issues related to sound studies, mobility studies, transmedia production, and the challenges of augmented reality for mobiles devices.


JUNE 2012 - Sewers and the underground world: Andrew Emond at TEDx Montreal


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